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How to wear Thrasher 101.

Thrasher is a skateboarding magazine founded in January 1981 by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello, and published by High Speed Productions, Inc. of San Francisco, USA. The publication consists primarily of skateboard- and music-related articles, photography, interviews and skatepark reviews.

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Thraser has now became one of the biggest clothing brands in The United States and mostly in the skating, hip hop and rock communities and it's now part of the youth culture.

The are a thousand ways of wearing Thrasher clothing items but we made three easy-to-wear outfits for you that'll help you when you don't how to style this fire items [no pun intended] Or when you have ran out of ways of styling your Thrasher items.

1. First look.

This one is for girls. Now that it's summer we know that it's the season of showing skin, girls can wear a black Thrasher T-shirt with black tights, a pair of black AF1's and complete the look with a Thrasher cap.

2. Second look.

There's a new clothing item that has came back with a BANG! Camouflage pants are the new hottest trend in the streets and pairing them with a Thrasher hoodie and a pair of red, black & white Nike Air Jordan 1's on a cloudy day will make you look elite.

3. Third look.

Wearing a long-sleeved black t-shirt then a Thrasher T-shirt ontop paired with a blue jean, a pair of black Nike airmax 97 and a black durag is a perfect outfit for a chilled day at a mall or on a night out with you friends.

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